[Bug 211872] IPv6 UDP traffic sometimes sent using wrong mac address

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Mon Aug 15 17:09:49 UTC 2016


--- Comment #1 from Mike Andrews <mandrews at bit0.com> ---
ok, on a lark I tried "ndp -nc" and it let me clear the table, where "ndp -c"
doesn't.  And that clears the wrong-mac problem up temporarily.  But it will
reappear later, for example after a reboot, and it's somewhat random and
difficult to reproduce on demand.

Even stranger, "ndp -c" sometimes bombs out on FreeBSD 10.3 also, with the same
"writing to routing socket: Invalid argument" error.  So maybe that error is an
unrelated bug, or a race condition where it's trying to delete a just-expired
entry or something.

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