[Bug 196102] "gpart: device busy" even though it's not in use

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--- Comment #2 from Stefan <blachste at b-tu.de> ---
Just installed FreeBSD 11 RC1 on da1, da2, da3 (mirrored zpool) without swap,
intending to add swap space on da0 after installation.
At the end of the installer I went to the console to add swap space, starting
with "gpart destroy da0" (it contained an NTFS partition). gpart says "Device
So I rebooted and after the first bootup I retried. Still "Device busy".
Rebooted a third time. Device still "busy".
Then I zeroed the first gigabyte of da0 using dd. After this, "gpart show" did
not list da0 anymore.
Now "gpart destroy da0" resulted in "gpart: arg0 'da0': Invalid argument".
However, "gpart create -s GPT da0" now succeeded "da0 created".

I guess this bug only occurs if the system is being installed not on da0 but on
da1 or higher. So it could probably be reproduced by installing FreeBSD onto
da1+ and then attempting to manually repartition da0.

Hope this helps.

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