[Bug 211361] suggested boot partition size is too small, bsdinstall creates unaligned partitions

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Fri Aug 12 20:16:56 UTC 2016


--- Comment #20 from Nathan Whitehorn <nwhitehorn at FreeBSD.org> ---
To be more specific: if we want to have a system policy that everything is
aligned by default to minimum 4K, we should make that the system policy. If we
don't want that policy, then we should follow what the disk drivers report and
try to make them as accurate as possible.

In neither case are hacks to the installer the right solution. Since we are so
far along in the 11.0 release cycle, we can do that as a temporary solution
just to get the release out, but it's not something we would want in any other
circumstance. This is why I would prefer a direct commit to the release branch.

(As a note: we do get the stripe size right essentially all the time -- I have
not personally encountered hardware, advanced format or otherwise, on which the
stripe size is misreported in years now. I suspect the number of exceptions is
very small.)

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