[Bug 211491] System hangs after "Uptime" on reboot

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Tue Aug 9 20:36:25 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from Eric van Gyzen <vangyzen at freebsd.org> ---
Steps to reproduce on a stable/11 r303878 GENERIC kernel (and many earlier

1. Attach to an iSCSI LUN with /etc/iscsi.conf and iscsid.
2. Create a ZFS pool on that LUN:  zpool create iscsi_test da0
3. Export the pool:  zpool export iscsi_test
4. Import the pool with an altroot: zpool import -R /blah iscsi_test
5. shutdown -r now

The system will hang after printing Uptime: XdYmZs.

iSCSI and altroot are key to producing the hang.

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