[Bug 211361] suggested boot partition size is too small, bsdinstall creates unaligned partitions

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Mon Aug 8 15:00:51 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from Nathan Whitehorn <nwhitehorn at FreeBSD.org> ---
I would like to see this done in the kernel preferred IO alignment reporting
rather than the installer. This limits the amount of magic in the installer and
fixes similar issues in the rest of the system.

There are three options to solve this problem, in general:

1. The kernel makes up a number. The installer, gpart, and sade align to that
number. It may become stale if new, weird hardware appears.

2. The installer makes up a number and aligns to it. sade is the installer, so
it follows along. gpart doesn't and creates misaligned partitions by default on
systems that currently have problems (as do other disk tools, like graid). sade
and gpart end up with different behaviors. The number may become stale in the
same way.

3. The status quo. The kernel tries to figure out the right number, but it is
too small on some hardware. The installer, gpart, and sade align to that
number. It is already wrong in some cases.

#1 seems strictly better than #2 here. The numbers in both cases may become
stale, but you don't have to make the same fix in a bunch of places in #1 or
end up in a situation where gpart and the curses version of gpart (sade) have
different behavior. It also makes ZFS and graid and whatever follow along
instead of picking too-small IO chunks by default on affected systems. The ZFS
issue in particular is probably at least as serious as the alignment of UFS
boot partitions.

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