[Bug 211617] `bsdinstall` looping on Subnet Mask

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--- Comment #2 from Michelle Sullivan <michelle at sorbs.net> ---
(In reply to kellytk+freebsdbugzilla from comment #0)

While the "Subnet Mask" label is correct [1] it may be a helpful addition to
`bsdinstall` to strip the mask from network blocks in CIDR notation.

Sorry as an entry the 'Subnet Mask' is not correct, putting in '24' might be,
but: is a network and subnet mask, where the dialog requests subnet mask

Tha said:

(In reply to kellytk+freebsdbugzilla from comment #1)

provided incorrectly to the Subnet Mask field, an error message could be

I would rephrase that to 'an error message *should* be presented as its an
invalid input.

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