[Bug 210607] patch to bin/cat/cat.c to align output between when invoked with -be & -ne flags

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Fri Aug 5 18:07:43 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from Sevan Janiyan <venture37 at geeklan.co.uk> ---
(In reply to John Baldwin from comment #5)
> The problem is that I think arguments can be made for both interpretations, so I would err on the side of not changing things since you risk breaking existing scripts/setups.

that's a shame but I respect your wishes, sadly this creates a new split where
NetBSD, OpenBSD & DragonFlyBSD produces output one way & FreeBSD another. Just
as a heads up, the NetBSD test case for this behaviour did not exercise this
functionality (there weren't any blank lines in the test case) but just tested
that text was indented.
This has been corrected upstream in the NetBSD ATF tests so this issue may crop
up again should your contrib/netbsd-tests but updated to incorporate the new
test cases from NetBSD.

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