[Bug 196193] WITHOUT_CROSS_COMPILER=true uses system header files instead of those from the build root

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--- Comment #1 from Henry Hu <henry.hu.sh at gmail.com> ---
This problem has occurred several times, and finally I figured out the reason
by myself. After that, I searched for WITHOUT_CROSS_COMPILER and found this PR.
It's hard for a user to find this PR or a solution of the problem until the
user figured out what's wrong. Because the complexity of the build process and
the misleading name of the option, it's unclear to the user that this option is
the culprit.
WITHOUT_CROSS_COMPILER causes MK_CLANG_BOOTSTRAP=no in src.opts.mk, so the
current clang is used instead. But the name of the option only suggests
something about "cross compiling", which in the common sense is not required if
you are building for the same architecture.
Please add some comments to src.opts.mk, which I guess is the common way for
users to find this option, or just make the option do what its name suggests.

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