[Bug 204661] Either zdb doesn't correctly report block size of zfs root files, or ZFS isn't applying recordsize to files in the zfs root

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Wed Nov 18 19:17:37 UTC 2015


--- Comment #1 from Andriy Gapon <avg at FreeBSD.org> ---
zdb in solaris seems to have diverged from the historical behaviour.
zdb -d $pool $N means dumping information on an object with ID $N in the MOS
(meta object set) of a pool $pool.
It seems that currently it is impossible to dump an object in the root dataset
of the pool.  The same issue exists on illumos as well.
I've seen a proposal for zdb -d $pool/ $N to do what you want (note the
trailing slash), but I can't find it right now.

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