[Bug 204640] make installworld fails installing libc_p.a to /usr/lib

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Wed Nov 18 11:35:11 UTC 2015


--- Comment #4 from Thomas Schweikle <tps at vr-web.de> ---
- What command did you use when you ran `make installworld`?
  `sudo make installworld`?

  su -
  cd /usr/src
  svn revert --depth infinity .
  svn update --accept theirs-full
  make buildworld
  make buildkernel KERNCONF=FBSD12
  make installkernel KERNCONF=FBSD12
  mergemaster -ipF
  make installworld
  mergemaster -a

  cd /usr/ports
  svn revert --depth infinity .
  svn update --accept theirs-full
  make index
  portversion -c > ${TMP}/_pu.sh
  /bin/sh ${TMP}/_pu.sh -cefRr

  cd /usr/src
  make BATCH_DELETE_OLD_FILES=YES delete-old
  make -DWITH_ATF delete-old-libs

- Did you set environment variables that affect SRCCONF or __MAKE_CONF?
  With /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf/FBSD12 holding:
  include         GENERIC
  ident           FBSD12
  options         SCSI_DELAY=3000

  # To statically compile in device wiring instead of /boot/device.hints
  #hints          "GENERIC.hints"         # Default places to look for devices.

  makeoptions     DEBUG=-g                # Build kernel with gdb(1) debug

  # Enable this for the pcvt (VT220 compatible) console driver
  #device         vt
  #options        XSERVER         # support for X server on a vt console
  #options        FAT_CURSOR      # start with block cursor

  # VESA video modes
  options         VESA
  options         VGA_WIDTH90
  options         SC_PIXEL_MODE

- Did you change WITHOUT_PROFILE to WITH_PROFILE after running
  `make buildworld`?
  No. Shall I?

- Did `make buildworld` succeed last time you ran it?
  It succeeded last time Mai, 28th 2015.

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