[Bug 176748] [libi386] [patch] BTX Loader i386 incorrectly probes EDD, possibly resulting division by zero

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Mon Nov 9 11:06:44 UTC 2015


--- Comment #3 from Arrigo Marchiori <ardovm at yahoo.it> ---

after some investigation, I could confirm that yes, the BIOS is broken.
However, the vendor of the embedded PC's I am using, is still applying the old
and broken BIOS to recent units.

I only upgraded the FreeBSD sources last week, and the patch seems not to be
effective any more, when booting from (recent) USB pen drives. For some weird
reasons, the sector size of such USB sticks is returned as 12022 bytes or
something like that, that is not correct.

Would it be advisable to add some more safety checks, such as:
  - sectors must be non-zero;
  - sector_size must be non-zero;
  - sector_size must be a multiple of 512?

Such a check enables my terminals to boot again.

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