[Bug 200445] login into system on serial line /dev/cuaU0 hangs on open of /dev/tty

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Wed May 27 10:02:53 UTC 2015


--- Comment #6 from Matthias Apitz <guru at unixarea.de> ---
(In reply to Konstantin Belousov from comment #5)

I have not specified hw flow control and I do not know if the USB-serial
supports this. As described in the handbook, I added to /etc/ttys a line:

cuaU0 "/usr/libexec/getty std.9600"    vt102    on secure

and after 'kill -HUP 1' on the terminal, login as root is possible and, for
example, an 'ls -lR /' works nicely passing the output fine to the VT102; i.e.
I do not think, that we have some flow control issue; 

the only things I have figured out so far are:

1) one can not use /bin/sh as login shell, it will hang on login;
2) you can not open /dev/tty after login; it will hang
3) if you use MUA mutt, and below this the vim to write the mail, mutt will
   hang too after the end of vim; and a Ctrl-C makes it continue (perhaps
   for the same reason of hang on /dev/tty open call)

what Do you want me to check or change exactly?

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