[Bug 200445] login into system on serial line /dev/cuaU0 hangs on open of /dev/tty

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Tue May 26 16:17:27 UTC 2015


Matthias Apitz <guru at unixarea.de> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|login into system on serial |login into system on serial
                   |line /dev/cuaU0 hangs if    |line /dev/cuaU0 hangs on
                   |login shell is /bin/sh      |open of /dev/tty

--- Comment #4 from Matthias Apitz <guru at unixarea.de> ---
the real problem is, that after login por the serial line /dev/cuaU0 no process
is able to open /dev/tty, it just hangs on open(2) syscall; I verified this
with a small C-code:

fd = open("/dev/tty", O_RDWR|O_CLOEXEC, 0);

gives in truss:

open("/dev/tty",O_RDWR|O_CLOEXEC,00)             ERR#4 'Interrupted system

(the SIGINT is from Ctrl-C

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