[Bug 119358] [kernel] [patch] SYSINIT_VERBOSE can be more verbose

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Tue May 19 20:42:09 UTC 2015


--- Comment #1 from Dan Lukes <dan at obluda.cz> ---
Partially solved by independent commit:

Revision 236404
Modified Fri Jun 1 15:42:37 2012 UTC by jhb

Extend VERBOSE_SYSINIT to also print out the name of variables passed
to SYSINIT routines if they can be resolved via symbol look up in DDB.
To avoid false positives, only honor a name if the symbol resolves
exactly to the pointer value (no offset).

Proposal related to SI_SUB_COPYRIGHT still pending.

Attached patch doesn't fit current code as it has been slightly changed in mean
time, but it require just small changes.

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