[Bug 111493] [patch] routed(8) doesn't use multicasts for RIPv2 via P2P interfaces

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--- Comment #17 from Mark Felder <feld at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to vjs from comment #6)

> Multicasting makes no sense to me on an interface 
> that is really a point-to-point link between two systems.

I've had desire to use GRE tunnels to do multicast on several occasions
(*cough* between Xen VMs because Xen doesn't support multicast on its virtual
switching fabric), and I'd like to note that a few years ago dealing with
unchangeable customer network designs I have run into situations where they
were doing routing protocols over GRE tunnels advertising using *multicast*
which is exactly what this aims to fix.

I don't know why this fix has been rotting in a PR for so long. It's a
real-world scenario I've encountered in the wild and missing functionality like
this is preventing people from being able to replace awful routing equipment
with FreeBSD appliances.

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