[Bug 198149] [hwpmc] pmcstat -P -t (top mode, process sampling) stops after a while

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--- Comment #8 from John Baldwin <jhb at FreeBSD.org> ---
I can reproduce this trivially on real hardware.  I use a dummy test app
(threadspin.c).  On my x220 laptop, this usually breaks in a few seconds.  Same
on a server (fox2 in the netperf lab).  If I run it in a reduced cpuset to
limit the number of CPUs then pmcstat runs longer before it stops working. 
Pinning the threads to specific CPUs does not fix the issue either.  I looked
via kgdb at the software state of hwpmc when pmcstat stops reporting samples
and it seems to think that the PMC is enabled and should be working.  However,
it seems that the PMC is no longer generating interrupts.

I've ported all of the PMC debug stuff over to KTR and added a hack so that KTR
auto-disables once a polling sample request fails.  When run with all CPUs
there is simply too much noise in the ktrdump and I can't find the last sample
in my dump (it seems that the dump only contains events logged after interrupts
stopped working).  I tried restricting to a smaller set of CPUs but that failed
to break.  My plan is to try to find the smallest set of CPUs that do break
while KTR is active and then see if I can tease anything out from the ktrdump.

The changes to pmc to use KTR can be found at

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