[Bug 195174] bsdinstall(8) does not align partitions at 4k (or more)

John D. Hendrickson johnandsara2 at cox.net
Thu Jun 25 21:42:06 UTC 2015

bugzilla-noreply at freebsd.org wrote:
> https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=195174
> --- Comment #9 from Kurt Jaeger <pi at FreeBSD.org> ---
> ping'ed to re to fix for 10.2-REL

i dont' see any evidence posted of "incorrect alignment"

for example: if one has an imporoperly reported DIFFERENT alignment from 
the alignment needed to mount/read/write from the unix disk

Maxtor EZ-DRIVE were famous for causing a "lost block" drive alignment 
issue that caused data lost and alignment issues.

You didn't install any "drive extension software / drive recognition" 
disk that came with the drive did you?  You'd better be sure it works 
with BSD you might cause permanent damage to the drive.  and these days: 
they likely aren't going to admit it or offer a fix for you as they did 
in past.

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