[Bug 195174] bsdinstall(8) does not align partitions at 4k (or more)

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Tue Jun 23 16:36:55 UTC 2015


--- Comment #8 from Mark.Martinec at ijs.si ---
The only waste when aligning the boot partition at 512k (1024 blocks)
instead of 4k (40 blocks) is 492 kilobytes wasted. All partitions
that follow will be 1M aligned with no waste (assuming boot partition
is 512kB in size, which seems to be a recommended size nowadays).

I think that we are way past the times where one would care for a
wasted 0.48 MB on a disk (1024-40)*512./1024/1024. Those that build
appliances on microcontrollers have other worries anyway and do not
care for bsdinstall.

1MB alignment is beneficial for SSD devices, some of which do not
care to report physical sector size. Consider also tiny computers
that run off an SD card or USB key. And 0.48 MB wasted on a
spinning disk seems like a non-issue to me.

Even Microsoft is now aligning all partitions at 1MB, regardless
of the underlying media (according to Wikipedia).

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