[Bug 200802] MAXCPU bump to 256 breaks ABI for cpuset_getaffinity/setaffinity

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Sat Jun 20 11:53:28 UTC 2015


--- Comment #2 from John Baldwin <jhb at FreeBSD.org> ---
Hmm, the simplest change is to revert MAXCPU for now.  Longer term it might be
nice to rework the cpusetsize changes so that they only fail if there are CPU
IDs that don't fit in the requested size.

I think doing that would involve:

1) Replacing 'sizeof(cpuset_t)' with something like '(mp_maxid + NBBY - 1) /
2) When working with a cpuset internally rounding up the size to
'sizeof(cpuset_t)' to pass around internally and then truncating to the
requested size when doing a copyout.

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