[Bug 200863] Added missing '__cxa_deleted_virtual' into libcxxrt

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Thu Jun 18 08:58:41 UTC 2015


--- Comment #9 from David Chisnall <theraven at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to yuri from comment #7)

They are intended to be ABI compatible (or, rather, libcxxrt intends to support
a superset of the libsupc++ ABI).  In the base system, we link both libstdc++
and libc++ to libcxxrt, allowing you to use both in the same program and to
throw exceptions through both (though not to pass standard library types other
than exception objects across library boundaries).  We compile libstdc++ as a
filter library so that the definitions of the libsupc++ symbols that it exports
actually come from libcxxrt.

If the gcc ports are not doing this with their versions of libstdc++, then
please file a bug with the gcc port maintainers.

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