[Bug 200903] sendmail default configuration was broken by FreeBSD-SA-15:10.openssl

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Wed Jun 17 19:42:15 UTC 2015


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--- Comment #1 from Xin LI <delphij at FreeBSD.org> ---
We are aware of this issue and there will be an EN to correct this.

In the meantime, please use this workaround:

        The import of openssl to address the FreeBSD-SA-15:10.openssl
        security advisory includes a change which rejects handshakes
        with DH parameters below 768 bits.  sendmail releases prior
        to 8.15.2 (not yet released), defaulted to a 512 bit
        DH parameter setting for client connections.  To work around
        this interoperability, sendmail can be configured to use a
        2048 bit DH parameter by:

        1. Edit /etc/mail/`hostname`.mc 
        2. If a setting for confDH_PARAMETERS does not exist or
           exists and is set to a string beginning with '5',
           replace it with '2'.
        3. If a setting for confDH_PARAMETERS exists and is set to
           a file path, create a new file with:
                openssl dhparam -out /path/to/file 2048
        4. Rebuild the .cf file:
                cd /etc/mail/; make; make install
        5. Restart sendmail:
                cd /etc/mail/; make restart

        A sendmail patch is coming, at which time this file will be

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