[Bug 197336] find command cannot see more than 32765 subdirectories when using ZFS

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Tue Feb 17 12:33:43 UTC 2015


--- Comment #3 from Will Dormann <wdormann at gmail.com> ---
> It is impossible for the other file systems to work much better.  Perhaps
> they work up to 65535, or have the correct {LINK_MAX} and the python script
> is smart enough to avoid it.  I doubt that python messes with {LINK_MAX},
> but creation of subdirectories should stop when the advertized limit is
> hit, and python or the script should handle that, possibly just by
> stopping.

I don't know what to say about it being impossible that other filesystems work
better.   Because FreeBSD doesn't support R/W ReiserFS, I used a USB thumb
drive both formatted and populated (with the python script) on a Linux system. 
 And with the case of unionfs, I simply had a FreeBSD Jail that shared the
underlying ZFS directory structure.

In both cases, the find command successfully reported the existence of all
300,000 subdirectories.

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