[Bug 197535] [re] [panic] if_re (Realtek 8168) causes memory write after free and kernel panic

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Mon Feb 16 22:48:17 UTC 2015


--- Comment #6 from Marius Strobl <marius at FreeBSD.org> ---
Your rev. 0x4c000000 MAC coming up with broken firmware could be another
reason, which would be unfortunate, though, as these images are GPLed.

However, the Atom E3800 errata has an entry (VLI30 in the non-NDA October
2013 version of that document) suggesting that the MMU will not behave
correctly when employing super pages, which would be a more plausible
cause for the problems you are experiencing. Thus, I'd give a kernel
with super page usage disabled a try. Last time I tested, unfortunately,
the corresponding loader tunable didn't take effect. So manually setting
pg_ps_enabled to 0 in sys/amd64/amd64/pmap.c and recompiling likely is
safest in order to do so.

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