[Bug 197535] [re] [panic] if_re (Realtek 8168) causes memory write after free and kernel panic

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You could give this patch a try (note that the location of if_rlreg.h depends
on the version of FreeBSD). If fixes a couple of bugs, mainly in the area of
receiver configuration of newer chips. Given that these configuration bits got
repurposed and it's unknown what both the old and new bits do exactly in later
MACs, this patch might make a difference for you.
That said, generally your problem appears to be caused by a hardware defect of
some sort. For one, rev. 0x4c000000 chips are known to work at this time. Also,
the memory used for descriptors shouldn't suddenly go away and cause a page
fault when accessed. Moreover, the freed memory neither containing the expected
0xdeadc0de nor some random bits but just always all ones in your case is very
suspicious. Have you tested whether that piece of hardware works with Linux?

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