[Bug 195458] Hang on shutdown/root unmount after FreeBSD 10.1R upgrade

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I installed Release 10.1 on an ancient desktop computer from a DVD image:

10.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE #0 r274401: Tue Nov 11 22:51:51 UTC 2014

I can't remember what happened with the first two or three boots, but the
shutdown problem became apparent rather quickly.  I have many packages
installed, including xdm and the xfce desktop.  I've set up the necessary .pkla
file for polkit and put all users in the operator group, who conseqently have a
non-greyed Shutdown option in the GUI menu.  Clicking on this and answering
"yes" to "do you want to shut down?" results in the computer becoming
unresponsive, in the sense that it can no longer be reached by ssh from another
machine, but it does not power down.

An alternative scenario is that the command "shutdown -p now" is issued by root
in a ssh terminal window.  In this case the "System going down immediately"
message is received and the connection is lost as expected, but again the
computer does not power down.

On reboot into single-user mode, one always sees the message "/ was not
properly dismounted".  Typing "shutdown -p now" at the console prompt does
effect a true shutdown with power off.

This is a troublesome fault.  If one takes no remedial action, the filesytem
corruption eventally reaches a stage where the computer reboots spontaneously
and unpredictably while in normal use.  It's tiresome to have to run fsck at
every boot.  A workaround would be useful if a cure is not immediately


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