[Bug 197270] [Patch] Improve output of ifconfig command

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Mon Feb 2 18:19:16 UTC 2015


--- Comment #15 from Andrey V. Elsukov <ae at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Hiroki Sato from comment #8)

>  Also, RFC 4007 specifies that at least non-negative decimal integer
>  SHOULD be supported as scope zone id.  We support it.  However, if
>  removing the scopeid part, it becomes difficult to know the zone id.

Zone id is printed in the same line before "prefixlen" keyword. You can just
copy an address with %zone_id and use it where you want. And I'm sure you are
doing so.

>  This is the reason why scopeid is displayed along with %zone_id.
>  A symbolic "%zone_id" itself means "it is non-global".
>  Is "scope: link" still needed?

So, why this zone index is formatted in hex? 
We don't support hexadecimal values. It looks like many people use them every
day... :)

>  Putting the above aside, I do not think it is a good idea to change
>  the command line output because it breaks consistency
>  (e.g. ifmcstat(8) also uses scopeid notation) and compatibility of

ifmcstat(8) also has this redundant information.

>  scripts which depend on it, for example.  scopeid has lived for 10+
>  years.  While adding "scope: link" or something may be acceptable,
>  replacing scopeid with it does not look a good improvement, at least
>  to me.

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