pam_krb5 broken

Glen Barber gjb at
Sun Feb 1 05:55:55 UTC 2015

On February 1, 2015 12:46:48 AM EST, Ansar Mohammed <ansarm at> wrote:
>Hello There,
>I am testing the pam_krb5 module on FreeBSD 10.1.
>it seems that the code to save the Kerberos ticket on disk is broken.
>The call to pam_get_data in pam_sm_setcred is failing.
>As a result a user can login with Kerberos but running kinit does not
>show any cached tickets.
>I was reviewing the apple code here :
>and that appears insanely broken. I think they were also trying to fix
>the same error as they replaced pam_get_data/pam_set_data with
>pam_getenv/pam_setenv (but only halfway through the code)

Please file a bug report so this does not get lost.

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