[Bug 193875] [zfs] [panic] [reproducable] zfs/space_map.c: solaris assert: sm->sm_space + size <= sm->sm_size

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Tue Sep 30 01:06:53 UTC 2014


--- Comment #5 from Xin LI <delphij at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Palle Girgensohn from comment #4)
> I did not try a newly created pool, it is a large pool with data, one of two
> redundant systems where we use zfs send | ssh | zfs recv to keep them in
> sync. The other machine is still on 9.3, and we got this problem after
> updating one system to 10.0. So, we cannot really upgrade just yet. Also, it
> shouln't present such a big problem just running an old version...?

Since you haven't upgraded the pool, will it be possible for you to downgrade
your kernel/world and see if you can reproduce the problem?

> But as you say, there seems to something fishy with the pool, and maybe
> there is nothing wrong with the kernel itself. 
> Are you sure there are no other ways to fix this but to recreate the pool?
> Thera are just Terabytes of data, it will take a week... :-/

Yeah I know :(

> is there no zdb magic or zpool export + scrub + zpool import ditto with
> vfs.zfs.recover =1 that could help?

Unfortunately, space map corruptions are fatal currently.  In the future maybe
we can implement a tool that traverses all data and rebuild the space map from
that, but it's not trivial...

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