[Bug 193681] kernel panic: dhclient NULL pointer in ether_output_frame() when using dummynet at layer2

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Tue Sep 16 11:20:33 UTC 2014


--- Comment #1 from Kate <kate at elide.org> ---
In the absence of bridge0, I have a different symptom:

(from a fresh boot)
# ifconfig bridge0 destroy
arge1: promiscuous mode disabled
arge0: promiscuous mode disabled
bridge0: link state changed to DOWN
# ipfw add 100 pipe 1 ip from any to any layer2
00100 pipe 1 ip from any to any layer2
# ipfw pipe 1 config
# dhclient arge0
DHCPREQUEST on arge0 to port 67
Trap cause = 4 (address error (load or I-fetch) - kernel mode)
[ thread pid 394 tid 100054 ]
Stopped at      ipfw_chk+0x840: lw      a0,0(a1)
db> show reg
at          0xffffffe0
v0               0x800  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0x7ff
v1               0x800  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0x7ff
a0               0x148  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0x147
a1          0x80dd800e
a2               0x156  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0x155
a3          0x80d75400
t0          0x81d08990
t1          0x81d08990
t2                 0x4  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0x3
t3                0x62  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0x61
t4          0x4080012c
t5              0x2000  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0x1fff
t6          0x40c5c000
t7            0x40da28
s0          0x80dd8000
s1          0xc0473bf4
s2                 0x2  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0x1
s3          0x80790400
s4                   0
s5          0x80790400
s6          0x80d75400
s7          0xc0473aa4
t8                0x1c  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0x1b
t9          0x405ad580
k0                   0
k1          0x54175305
gp          0x8056f200  _gp
sp          0xc04739c0
s8            0x429064
ra          0x803a61b4  ipfw_check_frame+0x14c
sr              0xfc03  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0xfc02
lo            0x771ec0
hi                 0x6  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0x5
bad         0x80dd800e
cs                0x10  _DYNAMIC_LINKING+0xf
pc          0x803a0208  ipfw_chk+0x840
ipfw_chk+0x840: lw      a0,0(a1)

(kgdb) list *ipfw_chk+0x840
0x803a0208 is in ipfw_chk

which is:

1186:        } else if (pktlen >= sizeof(struct ip) &&
1187:            (args->eh == NULL || etype == ETHERTYPE_IP) && ip->ip_v == 4)

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