[Bug 193363] [panic] panic at reboot

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Mon Sep 15 08:15:09 UTC 2014


--- Comment #5 from sasamotikomi at gmail.com ---
(In reply to John Baldwin from comment #4)
> Ok, I guess the 9.1 kernel did not ship with debug symbols.  You can do 'nm
> -n /boot/kernel.old9.1/kernel | grep c0aae' which might narrow things down
> some.

 nm -n /boot/kernel.old9.1/kernel | grep c0aae
c0aae160 t idle_setup
c0aae280 T intr_handler_source
c0aae2a0 t swi_assign_cpu
c0aae2b0 T intr_priority
c0aae310 t sysctl_intrcnt
c0aae340 t sysctl_intrnames
c0aae370 t intr_event_schedule_thread
c0aae470 T intr_event_execute_handlers
c0aae630 t intr_lookup
c0aae6f0 t ithread_update
c0aae790 t intr_event_update
c0aae8d0 T intr_event_remove_handler
c0aaeae0 T swi_remove
c0aaeb00 T intr_event_add_handler
c0aaef10 T intr_event_bind

 nm -n /boot/kernel.old9.1/kernel | grep c0aae6
c0aae630 t intr_lookup
c0aae6f0 t ithread_update

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