[Bug 193595] bsdinstall should enable UEFI booting if booted from UEFI

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Sat Sep 13 06:25:52 UTC 2014


--- Comment #6 from Colin Percival <cperciva at FreeBSD.org> ---
I'd say that if machdep.bootmethod is UEFI and the user selects ZFS booting,
they should get a "ZFS booting is not supported on UEFI, your system will be
set up for legacy booting" warning message.  That would avoid the astonishment
I experienced while allowing users the option of changing their selection if
using UEFI is important to them.  (In my case, my laptop does support legacy
booting, so I'll probably stick with ZFS in spite of the lack of UEFI support,
but some people will definitely need UEFI -- so we can't assume that one
solution will be right for everybody.)

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