CUPS is not working anymore in current FreeBSD Version 10.0

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Fri Sep 12 15:11:38 UTC 2014

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Hello, anybody,

earlier this year, I set up FreeBSD 10 on a HP-thinclient on USB-Memory and CUPS used to
work for me well enough initially as printserver. Until, the dependency to dbus was
intoduced. Since then a lot of updates, even reinstallations of CUPS-components
and dbus happened, it took some time, until I realized, that dbus actually has to be
enabled in /etc/rc.conf with the following entry:


But this was not sufficient, since then I have been trying occasionally to make CUPS work
again as printserver, but I did not succeed with this yet. Shared printers are not
discovered by my Debian-hosts anymore. I attach cupsd.conf.gz, but I think this is not due
to misconfiguration, but might actualy be a bug.
When I use my Debian-notebook as printserver (this also still has a parallel-port), there
has to be done no configuration at all, only enable this with cupsctl:
and stuff works without any further configuration thanks to systemd, but this is not the
case with FreeBSD.
Today I made one last final attempt, using the lpadmin command, according to CUPS
online-help, section 'Getting-Started/Printer-Sharing':

> Next, tag each printer that you want to share using the lpadmin(8) command on the
> server, for example:
> lpadmin -p printer -o printer-is-shared=true

But this does not work either, lpinfo does not show any information at all, so I ask now.
Help, please.
Currently I can only print testpages from the web-interface, directly on the server.
I have an HP-LaserJet5, it was also set up correctly, using the generic PCL5-driver.


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