[Bug 193380] [panic] firefox privileged instruction fault

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Thu Sep 11 11:01:07 UTC 2014


--- Comment #14 from Jan Beich <jbeich at vfemail.net> ---
After a quick look

core.txt.{21..33} are part of bug 193376 and *maybe* similar to bug 183417.
core.txt.{11,12,15,18} are part of bug 193367.
core.txt.{8,9,17} *maybe* similar to bug 146708.

core.txt.47 (bug 193377), core.txt.{37,55,58,59} (bug 193379),
core.txt.{40..50} (bug 193384) are absent but *maybe* a part of bug 193376.

Firefox doesn't do a lot of unlink/rmdir calls so core.txt.34 *maybe* a part of
bug 193367. Neither core.txt.34 nor "privileged instruction fault" string can
be found in the archive to be sure.

comment 0 is useless as noted in bug 193374 comment 2.

(In reply to sasamotikomi from comment #13)
> Probably, it's too much for attachments, here is link to core.txt.0-33:

ZIP doesn't compress well but better attach to the relevant bugs.

$ du -Ah Core.txt.0-33_info.0-33.zip
1.4M    Core.txt.0-33_info.0-33.zip
$ tar cJf Core.txt.0-33_info.0-33.txz @Core.txt.0-33_info.0-33.zip
$ du -Ah Core.txt.0-33_info.0-33.txz
361K    Core.txt.0-33_info.0-33.txz

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