[Bug 194654] 10.1-RC3 hangs with simultanious writes

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Wed Nov 26 16:34:26 UTC 2014


--- Comment #4 from FreeBSD at ShaneWare.Biz ---
I think my troubles may be related to zfs and the arc_max setting may play a

Booting into single user mode and running two instances of my test script I get
varying results with different arc_max settings.

vfs.zfs.arc_max=2G test hangs about 10 min
vfs.zfs.arc_max=2560M tests still running after an hour

I have a second machine (Pentium E2140 with 1GB ram) setup with 3 disks in
raidz. I have been unable to recreate this issue on this machine. After
installing 10.1 didn't re-create the issue I went back to 9.1 and created the
zpool, write some test data, upgrade to 9.2, write some data, enable
compression, write some data, upgrade to 10.1 and it still didn't break. Either
something in my zpool is amiss or the amount of ram makes the difference.

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