[Bug 195294] FreeBSD overwrote Windows BIOS

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The BIOS is not involved here; the bootloader is where the problem is coming
from (if someone with the appropriate powers could change the subject, that
would be helpful). This would have been easier to take care of on the technical
support mailing list, because there isn't enough information in the report to
figure out what has gone wrong here.

The first step in looking at the problem will be to determine whether the disk
is using an old-style "MBR" partitioning or a newer "GPT" partitioning. This
can be determined from the gpart(8) command, "gpart show /dev/<whatever device
your disk is>". 

The second step is to make sure that the Windows partition is still present.
That should also be present in the output from "gpart show". 

Assuming that you have an MBR-partitioned disk, the third step is to reinstall
the bootloader and configure it to show all partitions. See the FreeBSD
Handbook section on bootloaders to be sure, but I think the command would be
"boot0cfg -B -m 0xf".

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