[Bug 195262] [lor] Possibly two LORs: entropy harvest mutex and scrlock, and entropy harvest mutex and sleepq chain

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Mon Nov 24 17:40:35 UTC 2014


--- Comment #4 from Ellis H. Wilson III <ellisw at panasas.com> ---
Many thanks to Xin Li for the rapid patch and excellent explanation!  I can
confirm with the attached patch applied to my 10.1 release bits, and the kernel
recompiled and reinstalled, we boot without panic.  Tested via ten reboots of
my VM instance of 10.1 with the patch, with both clean and unclean reboots.

I'm not sure what protocol is for declaring this fixed or not as this is my
first bug report for FreeBSD.  So I apologize if I should be marking this
closed or what.  Please advise.

Last, it would be ideal in my (perhaps naive) mind if we could return to a
default kernel configuration without WITNESS_SKIPSPIN so these bugs are given
attention naturally, rather than people having to run a non-standard
configuration in order to expose them.  Thoughts?

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