[Bug 195278] gjournal UFS: svn update /usr/ports panics with corrupt directory emulators/aqemu/files missing `.' and `..'

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Sun Nov 23 06:45:37 UTC 2014


--- Comment #3 from Kenneth Salerno <kennethsalerno at yahoo.com> ---
Seems to be caused by vfs.unmapped_buf_allowed=1, even though this is a bare
metal laptop and not a VM as was reported in the 10 errata. Maybe what I have
in common with FreeBSD in a VM is small amount of RAM on my laptop and
vfs.unmapped_bufspace is too large for high I/O?

Also, when I changed vfs.unmapped_buf_allowed to 0 and rebooted there were
further file system corruptions detected during use that were not detected
previously when vfs.unmapped_buf_allowed was set to 1, not sure if this is a

After fsdb clri, fsck -fy, fsck -fy, I was able to run svn update /usr/ports
without an error.

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