[Bug 195128] Memory leaks in lib/libpam/modules due to memory handling with login_getcapstr, et al

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Tue Nov 18 11:48:41 UTC 2014


--- Comment #3 from darius at dons.net.au ---
The man page lies :(

login_getcapstr et al call cgetstr but don't track the allocation from it to
free later  from login_close.

Some of the things are freed (class, style, cap) but if you call
login_getcapstr, login _getcaptime, login_getcapnum or login_getcapsize there
is no tracking. There are also a few login_* functions which call
login_getcapstr and so will also leak.

I am working on a patch to track them and free later but it's pretty
prototypical at this stage.

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