FreeBSD amd64 randomly reboots under high load (KVM)

Andrew McDonnell bugs at
Mon Nov 17 10:55:55 UTC 2014

Hi Matthew

> Hello,
> I'm experiencing strange behaviour with any FreeBSD 64bit running under KVM
> Qemu. When machine is under high load for example compiling from ports,
> after a random time it will get rebooted with no piece of information in
> logs or what so ever. In this case I'm unable to get any kernel
> panic/traces (kdb is enabled). On the KVM side also there are no error
> logs.
> This is confirmed on FreeBSD amd64 8.4; 9.0; 9.1; 9.2-RC and 10-Current.
> Anyone experienced such behaviour on 64bits or mayby have a clue how can I
> debug this?

This exactly is happening to me now.

My host is a Debian Wheezy AMD64 running Qemu kvm 2.0.0+dfsg-4~bpo70+1

My guest is FreeBSD 10 FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE (GENERIC) #0 r260789

And part way through make world via freebsd-wifi-build/build/bin/build I am 
experiencing spontaneous reboots.

My kvm command line is:

kvm --enable-kvm -localtime -m 1536 -smp 2 -k en-us -hda freebsd.qcow2 \
   -soundhw sb16 -net nic -net user,hostfwd=tcp::62222-:22 -monitor stdio

I built this VM and a build of world kernel install etc. completed without 
problems yesterday.

But today when I repeated after a clean I am experiencing the problem.

I am wondering whether having accidentally killed the guest corrupted to disk 
somehow, but the problem keeps happening even after running fsck on /

> With kind regards,
> Matthew


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