[Bug 190669] 'emmintrin.h' file not found - in /usr/src/lib/clang/libclangbasic

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Fri Nov 7 21:29:03 UTC 2014


--- Comment #20 from C Hutchinson <portmaster at bsdforge.com> ---
(In reply to C Hutchinson from comment #19)
> I find myself struggling with what looks like the same issue
> on a recent 11-CURRENT install
> (11-CURRENT #1 amd64 r274134 Nov 5 12:56:14 PST 2014)
> svn info /usr/ports Revision: 372176
> As you can see, I've built and installed kernel/world.
> I did, perform a make delete-old, following the install
> world. Which removed the clang that was delivered from the
> base install on the bootonly iso. However, I have
> installed lang/gcc-48, which does have xmmintrin.h
> in it's include tree. It is also my understanding that
> clang isn't mandatory. But I seem to have no end of
> problems with ports looking for, and subsequently not
> finding xmmintrin.h. Even though it's an included header
> with lang/gcc-48. Where lies the problem? I should also
> probably note; I haven't [intentionally] enabled, or
> used ccache.
> Thank you for all your time, and consideration.
> --Chris

OK. For me, and given that I followed my make installworld by a
make delete-old. I shouldn't have been surprised that while doing
so, did remove clang. It shouldn't remove what's in /usr/bin. As
the default toolchain for 10+ _is_ clang. So my problem stemmed
from the fact that /usr/bin is searched _prior_ to /usr/local/bin
where my gcc48 is located. Adding the appropriate directives
in make.conf(5) gave me the (g)cc environment I needed to get
past the errors mentioned above. By me, and by others.

Thanks, and sorry for any noise.


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