[Bug 194885] New: netwait times out on $netwait_ip

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Fri Nov 7 19:14:00 UTC 2014


            Bug ID: 194885
           Summary: netwait times out on $netwait_ip
           Product: Base System
           Version: 9.3-RELEASE
          Hardware: Any
                OS: Any
            Status: Needs Triage
          Severity: Affects Some People
          Priority: ---
         Component: kern
          Assignee: freebsd-bugs at FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: hostmaster at GTS.NET

/etc/rc.d/netwait times out on $netwait_ip

FreeBSD tp-gw 9.3-STABLE FreeBSD 9.3-STABLE #0 r274163M: Thu Nov  6 12:24:46
EST 2014     root at tp-gw:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/FW_YQ_64  amd64

re0: <RealTek 8168/8111 B/C/CP/D/DP/E/F/G PCIe Gigabit Ethernet> port
0xd800-0xd8ff mem 0xfdfff000-0xfdffffff,0xfdff8000-0xfdffbfff irq 17 at device
0.2 on pci2
re0: Using 1 MSI-X message
re0: Chip rev. 0x48800000
re0: MAC rev. 0x00000000
miibus0: <MII bus> on re0
rgephy0: <RTL8169S/8110S/8211 1000BASE-T media interface> PHY 1 on miibus0
rgephy0:  none, 10baseT, 10baseT-FDX, 10baseT-FDX-flow, 100baseTX,
100baseTX-FDX, 100baseTX-FDX-flow, 1000baseT-FDX, 1000baseT-FDX-master,
1000baseT-FDX-flow, 1000baseT-FDX-flow-master, auto, auto-flow
re0: Using defaults for TSO: 65518/35/2048
re0: Ethernet address: 80:ee:73:52:a0:4f
001.000006 [2258] netmap_attach             success for re0

Also media needed to be set to 1000baseT-FDX since auto-negotiate did not

After boot the primary interface ip address is not pingable, although other
addresses such as default route etc respond normally

tcpdump during ping shows that packets arrive on lo0 with source address

ifconfig re0 down; ifconfig re0 up

a small script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ to implement this seems to deal with the
issue, although it would be good to know why this is happening

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