[Bug 191468] [vimage] options VIMAGE - kernel panic, crashes during system boot

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Mon Jul 21 19:50:55 UTC 2014


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OK. Good news. We have some new information from jandegr, who has recently been
investigating this same issue. Here are his comments:

In short : Vimage or infiniband on 9.3-RELEASE is no problem, but both together
in the same config gives a nice page fault at boot.
No problem for the both in the same config on 10-stable.
They can reproduce it starting from a generic config with the addition of the
infiniband entries from the NAS4Free config.
I did not determine which of the infiniband entries causes it,I treated them as
one block for the purpose of building a VIMAGE kernel, and I already spent
a lot of time to find the infiniband connection.

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