[Bug 190739] Building libunbound writes to /usr/src

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--- Comment #3 from Dag-Erling Smørgrav <des at FreeBSD.org> ---
freebsd-configure.sh is only used when importing a new version of unbound.

The problem is that make has builtin rules for lex and yacc that can't be
turned off.  Most people don't run into this because their configparser.c is
newer (or at least not older) than configparser.y, but sometimes svn plays a
trick on you and suddenly make wants to regenerate configparser.c.  Fixing this
is not simply a matter of removing configlexer.c and configparser.c from the
repo, because make's builtin rules won't produce working code in this case.  As
a workaround, make sure that configlexer.c and configparser.c are newer than
configlexer.lex and configparser.y.

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