[Bug 165471] bsdgrep(1) hang/very slow with mmap

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Thu Jul 17 07:13:53 UTC 2014


--- Comment #2 from patrick_dkt at yahoo.com.hk ---
Ten months later, on FreeBSD 9.3 x64, the problem persists.

[root at server3 /usr/local/share]# time grep --mmap -r -e '^October' *
doc/db42/ref/refs/bdb_usenix.html:October 1980.

real    0m0.290s
user    0m0.177s
sys     0m0.113s

I have to press Ctrl-C, and it consumed lots of CPU and RAM.
[root at server3 /usr/local/share]# time bsdgrep --mmap -r -e '^October' *

real    1m20.578s
user    0m9.588s
sys     0m27.200s

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