[Bug 196232] man page for nice is wrong - Possibly issues with nice as well

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Tue Dec 23 22:33:33 UTC 2014


--- Comment #4 from Christopher Forgeron <chris at acsi.ca> ---
Agreed - I'd love to see it depreciated, but I assume that falls into the 'it
will break the world' type scenario - Or are we finally ready to upgrade from
1970's t/csh design?

Alternately, what about defaulting to a full-featured shell like zsh, or even
standardizing FreeBSD on a new shell that is the default? Those who need it can
use the old standard shells, the rest of us can move forward on a modern shell
design that makes sense for today.  

Then again, I suppose that's a 2 year debate that no one really wants to start.

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