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Fri Dec 12 13:09:51 UTC 2014


--- Comment #3 from sasamotikomi at gmail.com ---
(In reply to John Baldwin from comment #2)
> For these and the other various PRs you opened recently, you need to remove
> the 'grep 0x' from the 'nm -n' output.  That removes most of the useful
> symbols and isn't helpful.  In addition, far more useful would be to get
> stack traces, especially if you have core.txt.N files, the kgdb stack trace
> in that file would be the first thing needed to look at any of these.
> As I mentioned on another bug, a dmesg from this machine wouldn't hurt
> either, but I doubt that either ed(4) or xl(4) is relevant.

nm -n /boot/kernel9.1/kernel | grep c0e1e
c0e1e170 t pmap_update_pde_user
c0e1e1a0 T pmap_lazyfix_action
c0e1e1f0 T pmap_copy_page
c0e1e350 T pmap_release
c0e1e600 T pmap_activate
c0e1e6f0 T pmap_kenter_temporary
c0e1e730 T pmap_map
c0e1e820 T pmap_unmapdev
c0e1e8c0 t pmap_unuse_pt
c0e1e920 t pmap_remove_pte
c0e1ea00 t pmap_remove_page
c0e1ea50 t get_pv_entry

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