[Bug 195458] Hang on shutdown/root unmount after FreeBSD 10.1R upgrade

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Wed Dec 10 21:21:32 UTC 2014


--- Comment #4 from Walter Hop <walter at lifeforms.nl> ---
Sorry, I lied! r273635 was not the latest snapshot available, my apologies. I
retried with a snapshot from 7 Dec (r275582).

In r275582, the LOR when fiddling with /sbin/init is the same as in 10.1, but
the behavior at reboot is different, although it is still pathological (“Giving
up on 1 buffers”) . Screenshot: http://lf.ms/current-r275582-hang-givingup.png

I have hit this behavior twice on r275582, but not on 10.1. So something has
changed in CURRENT after r273635, but the basic problem still seems to be

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