[Bug 193128] NFSv3 Solaris 10 Server < - > NFSv3 Freebsd 10.1 Client

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Fri Aug 29 18:26:41 UTC 2014


--- Comment #1 from jnaughto at ee.ryerson.ca ---
Just to follow up.  I have also tested setting the nfs to oldnfs within the
fstab and mounting this without any success.   With respects to SA: 


I recompiled the kernel removing the options NFSD and NFSCL and putting in
place NFSSERVER and NFSCLIENT which was the old NFSv3 implementation prior to
Freebsd 9.x.  Yet even with this change in place it still seems that NFSv3
mounted filesystems seem not to carry the correct perms.

The reason I'm raising this is that I have a Freebsd 8.x system mounting the
same file system right now using NFSv3 without any issues.  Just migrating to
10.1 and of course NFS issues...

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