[Bug 193112] i386 compilation errors in head/sys/dev/ixl/if_ixl.c

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Fri Aug 29 09:37:34 UTC 2014


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A commit references this bug:

Author: bz
Date: Fri Aug 29 09:37:18 UTC 2014
New revision: 270799
URL: http://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/270799

  First try on fixing some more compile errors without actually testing:
  - use proper __FreeBSD_version check and more importantly check for __am64__
    to be defined.  Whether the FreeBSD(_version) checks are needed is a
    different question.
  - cast uint64_t to uintmax_t and use %jx for printing.

  Note: there are more values that could be printed in that status function
      but leave that for the future;  printf doesn't seem to be the right
      way to do it anyway.
  Note: there is more breakage related to i40e_allocate_dma*() having
      conflicting declarations, so more fixes to come.

  PR:        193112
  MFC after:    3 days
  X-MFC with:    r270755


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