[Bug 192929] ACPI suspend doesn't resume on macbook

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Fri Aug 22 23:24:01 UTC 2014


--- Comment #1 from Kate <kate at elide.org> ---
# sysctl debug.acpi.suspend_bounce=1
debug.acpi.suspend_bounce: 0 -> 1
# acpiconf -s 3
uhub1: at usbus0, port 1, addr 1 (disconnected)
ugen0.2: <Apple Inc.> at usbus0 (disconnected)
ukbd1: at uhub1, port 6, addr 2 (disconnected)
wsp0: at uhub1, port 6, addr 2 (disconnected)
wsp_set_device_mode: Failed to read device mode (19)
ums1: at uhub1, port 6, addr 2 (disconnected)
... lots more usb things disconnected ...
urtwn0: at uhub2, port 2, addr 2 (disconnected)

now I can't type anything, of course. Pressing the suspend button once gives no

I'll try without wsp(4).

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